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My approach is to treat each and every decorating job with the same high level of professionalism and to ensure my clients are totally satisfied with the end result. I have excellent reviews on Checkatrade from many previous customers.


A good painter and decorator knows a first-class job is all about the preparation. Here’s an overview of how I work:

On the first day of each project, I put down clean dust sheets to cover any carpets in situ. If the floor is tiled or wooden, this is completely covered using Correx floor protection and taped around the edges. Both the dust sheets and/or floor protection is left in place until the end of the work. Any furniture left in the room by the client is moved into the middle of the room and covered with new plastic sheeting which remains in place until the end of the project.

All sockets and switches are unscrewed from walls and taped up to protect them from paint using Q1 painters’ tape. Ceiling light fittings are released and bagged up until the decorating is complete.

Any other items in the room will be taped or covered before work starts.

All ceilings and walls (except Artex surfaces) are rubbed down using the latest Festools dust-free sanding system. This system removes any unsightly previous roller stipple marks, lumps of paint or bad repairs. During the rubbing down process, I pencil-mark any imperfections which are identified when the sander glides across the surface.

I follow the same process with woodwork which is slightly more involved as often there is shrinkage to cut out prior to sanding. I thoroughly rub down the woodwork including any crevices, areas around the door jamb and door frame. All imperfections are filled using a two-pack wood-filler which is then rubbed down, dusted off and wiped over with a tack cloth to remove any remaining fine dust prior to painting.

Any areas to be filled on ceilings and walls are treated with either Toupret TX110 or Easy Fill 45. These areas are then rubbed down again using the dust-free sanding system.

Wallpapering preparation
painting preparation

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Interior Painting

I only use professional trade paint from Tikkurila, Zinsser, Farrow and Ball, Sanderson, Crown paints, Dulux, Bedec paints or Little Greens Company. When painting ceilings I use a product called Anti-Reflex 2 from a company called Tikkurila. Two coats of paint are applied to the ceilings. Before I decorate the ceiling and walls, I dust them down using a dust buster from Wooster. Walls will always be painted with at least two full coats of emulsion. I always check the walls after the first coat has been applied in case there is a need for further filling and, if required, this is carried out prior to applying the second coat. All woodwork receives at least three coats of water-based professional trade paint which comprises of one full coat of undercoat and two full coats of either satin or gloss. Between each coat the woodwork is rubbed down and wiped over with a tack cloth to ensure that after the final coat is applied, the results are flawless.


In some cases, the client asks for an area to be wallpapered. I will seal the walls using a product from Zinsser called GARDZ which allows some movement when hanging the wallpaper. The walls will be marked out and the wallpaper hung using the approved adhesive suitable for that particular wallpaper.

Interior Painting and Decorating Completed

On completion the switches, sockets, and lights are all uncovered and screwed back in place, and carpets are thoroughly hoovered. Furniture is carefully uncovered and placed back in its original position. If the room has wood flooring, the protection is removed, the floor hoovered and then washed with a floor mop.

At the end of the project, all rubbish is removed from the client’s house. Any remaining paint used for the project is left for the client and each tin is labelled for the individual room and dated.

Interior decorating and painting completed.

Interior Decorating Paint Boards

In some cases, clients feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities when it comes to their decorating project, and they may be looking for the confidence to try something new or they are unsure where to start.

I work with all clients and provide trade colour fan decks/colour charts for them to consider options. This allows the client to view colours in the comfort of their own home or business.

Once the client has decided on a selection of colours, I order these paints as testers and apply them to ‘brush out boards’ which I deliver to the client so they can review the colours against their furnishings and flooring in different lights or times of the day. This enables the client to select the right colour scheme for their project.

If you’re looking for interior painting and decorating services in Sittingbourne, Rainham, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone, or local areas please contact me for a free quotation.

Paint boards.


If you’re looking for interior house painting and decorating services in Sittingbourne, Rainham, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone, or local areas please contact me for a free quotation.

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